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Compte rendu du Comiket 83

Salut à tous !

Le comiket 83 est maintenant finit depuis un mois, voilà donc un compte rendu de celui ci.

Comme ZUN l'a annoncé, la démo de Touhou 13.5 ~ Hopeless Masquerade est sortie, mais je ne vous en dirais pas plus, la news plus bas sur cette page est là pour ça.
Bien entendu, l'ensemble du C83 ne se résume pas à cet événement.

Tout d'abord, voilà les PV qui sont sortis.
Ce coup ci, pas de nouvelles d'un nouvel trailer de Memories of a Phantasm, comme pour le deuxième épisode, tant espéré, qui se fait toujours attendre. On a par contre eu le droit à 4 PV de SOUND HOLIC :

Grip & Break down !! - 2012 - PV






しゅーる東方 - 2012 冬



滅びの楽園 - to the seventh heaven



Ainsi qu'un PV magnifique de iimo, suite évidente d'un autre PV sorti lors du C82







Sans plus attendre, voilà donc la liste (non exhaustive, car toujours en expansion) des albums sortis lors du C83, disponible en lisant la suite de l'article.

AURELIA 月ノ歌_海月 rock, metal
Magnum Opus 風祝と神様のさいしょの物語 (preview only) power metal, orchestral
Younoumi Toho Warfare: BLACK ONYX rock, electronic, metal
Toranoana 東方魔法少女 アルティメット☆れいむ varied electronic, rock, pop, metal, jazz
Demetori Tendre est la Mort (mini album) power metal
Sally Pygmalion rock
ButaOtome ひかり rock, pop, jazz
RD-Sounds 辿 rock, piano
RD-Sounds orchestral, piano, electronic, dnb
Draw The Emotional & Foreground Eclipse Seated With Liquor metalcore
PURE-POLLUTION Sweet Embrace soundtrack, ambient, techno, trance, orchestral
OTOMEKAN New Insane Adversary techno, EDM, hardcore
Liz Triangle 冬蛍 varied pop, rock, electronic, dnb
GET IN THE RING Activity Case01-Graveyard Memory- rock, pop
Alstroemeria Records DOMINATED DANCEHALL house, electro-house
ZYTOKINE Double Key electro, house, electro-pop
EastNewSound Auxiliary Brightness hardcore, EDM, house
Yuuhei Satellite 濡れた髪に触れられた时 electro-house, trance
舞風 東方夢想夏郷2話・テーマソングアルバム  
TAMAONSEN Sky is the Limit various pop, electronic, RnB, dubstep
Crow's Claw Four Resolutions metal, rock
LiLA'c Records SANCTIFY (album bonus, seulement 1 piste) electronic, dnb
Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets Rock 'n' Roll Laboratory rock
TatshMusicCircle Winter System electronic, chill, techno
FELT Ground Snow rock, pop
Key Sounds VisualArt's KeyCLASSIC classical
OTOMEKAN 「Sound Domestic Colony」-OTOMEKAN COLLECTION rev1 (compilation) hardcore, house, EDM
Golden City Factory 幻想郷×ハンターG orchestral
SOUND HOLIC 風神 -FUUJIN various electronic, pop, techno, metal, jazz
hatsunetsumikos Aria of Innocence varied pop, rock, electronic
CIO The First electro-house, UK hardcore, dubstep
S2TB Recording J-RAVE Nation rave, hardcore
TatshMusicCircle FAR EAST OF EAST -VIII- various electronic, rock, pop, hardcore
HARDCORE TANO*C SPEED BALL GT hardstyle, gabber, hardcore
LiLA'c Records With God DnB, electronic
DiGiTAL WiNG Frozen Traveler electro, pop, denpa, eurobeat
埼玉最終兵器&Aethe Frenzy Frenzy symphonic metal, electronic
ALiCE'S EMOTiON OverDrive hardcore, EDM, electro-house
HARDCORE TANO*C (DJ Noriken vs P*Light) RADIANCE hardcore, UK hardcore
CODE-49 Bon Voyage!! trance, hardcore
flap+frog FLOWERs:1 jazz
  Future Logic electronic, pop, rock, DnB
Amateras Records Emotionally Resonance electro, trance, EDM, house
signum/ii effulgentSiGN trance, house, DnB
T.Piacere Drizzle Doll electro-house, house
Hatsuki Yura 蜜薬ランガージュ various electronic, pop, rock, metal, classical
ALiCE'S EMOTiON Evolution RED electro-house, hardcore
Shibayan Records マジコカタストロフィ electro
Tutti Sound 東方映画音楽選 - TOHO FILM MUSIC SELECTION - ~ 妖楽記 orchestral
  幻想少女大戦妖 オリジナルサウンドトラック OST
Tokyo Active NEETs 東方サウンドRPG Another History ~異幻想史~ jazz, classical
Re:Volte Glodiolus industrial, techno, electronic, rock, talk
SOUND HOLIC Moon Crusher rock, electronic, metal
TAMAONSEN 魂音泉別館 -壱零 (CD Bonus)  
ZYTOKINE Double Key EXTRA (CD Bonus) electro
はちみつくまさん 東方交戦劇 metal, symphonic metal, classical
セブンスヘブンMAXION FormerFrontier 4th luxuriant rock, metal, pop, electronic
実谷なな 実谷ななぶんのいち EDM, electro-pop
k-waves LAB エスノマギカ irish, celt, folk
Creation Records ASTERIA FIELD trance, hardcore, metal, classical
R-NOTE 東方蓬千響 ~Trap of Labyrinth~ rock, electronic
I.L.U Studio & M.Zakk ROSE GUNS DAYS Sound Tracks2 -23番市の音楽-  
LYDIA GRAVE Kaleidoscope electronic, pop
Voltage Ignition Movement on the FLOOR electro-house, hardcore, dnb
Amateras Records Exclusive Disc 2012 Winter electro, trance, hardcore, eurobeat
canoue canoue~廻る羅針盤~ pop, light rock
Eclipseed 凍てついた紅蓮の炎に裁きを rock, ballad, metal
Land-YOU SHAMBALLA -Fantasic Ballad 2005- ballad
Queen of Wand Queen of Wand~春待ち準備号~ (preview) electronic, classical
六弦アリス 不思議の国の音哲樂まやかし篇 rock
R-NOTE / あ~るの~と 2012-12-30 - Comic Market 83 あ~るの~と おまけCD  
Primary SIN rock, pop
TaNaBaTa Star Ocean e.p. rock, light rock
ButaOtome チェス rock
ButaOtome 東方猫鍵盤6 piano, electronic
Eryps Life feat.茶太 pop
A-One x Akiba Koubou SUPER EURO SMASH VOL.02 eurobeat
秋の空 三澤秋 – 無自覚ハーモニア  
Unlucky Morpheus Parallelism・β metal
tieLeaf(霜月はるか) 落日の迷い子 classical, folk
ウサギギノコ 茶太 - セツナメモリア  
AQUA STYLE 悠久フォークロア -eternity folklore- orchestral
Ether gothic orchestral metal
FICUSEL Gods and the Golden Apple rock, metal
ちびっこフォーク CHIBI CHOCO pop, ballad
世の漆黒 デカダンス・ヴァニラ metal
矢吹高音 Rain  
DOWNFORCE Airfoil e.p. electro-house
Earl Gray レミ恋 talk
Earl Gray フラ恋 talk
999 Recordings 圧倒的多幸感 〜My Gabber is Your Gabba is Your Gabber is Mine〜 gabber, hardcore
MURDER CHANNEL 変身 第一形態~The Metamorphosis 1st Form~ hardcore, hardstyle
Arte Refact FLIGHT STEP pop, rock
Unitone Desktop Universe electronic, electro-house
UI-70 Paradigm Shift/Paradise Lost metal, symphonic metal
STRLabel NEW! house, electro-house, techno, drumstep
Diverse System AD: Electronic Dance EDM, electro-house
和妻悉皆屋 和楽東方撰 oriental
Arte Refact Fantastic Live rock, electronic, pop
DDBY 二人の演奏会 -鳥船遺跡からの帰り道- piano, jazz
5150 Symphonic Touhou Ⅵ/td> death metal, melodic metal, metal
PolyphonicBranch Daylight Dreamer pop, rock
Diverse System AD: Drum'n Bass DnB
C-CLAYS 聖謐 Sei-Hitsu pop, rock, electronic
鶫-tsugumi- Ark dark half rock, pop
GET IN THE RING Alter Ego rock, pop, electronic
White Elephant 月下狂宴 ~秘蔵宝鑰は紅く燃ゆ~ rock, electronic, metal
Bloody Sword 東方自傷録  
天然ジェミニ 東方SNOW FESTA electronic, pop
天然ジェミニ Toho WarfareRED BERYL metal, rock, electronic
Earl Gray にとり音頭 talk
Crest Drive to Arrive  
DDBY RelaxTime 2  
As/Hi Soundworks ピアノのための東方小品集 Op.4「咎桜」  
SYNC.ART'S LIMIT BREAK~限定解除~ pop, rock, electronic
monochrome-coat nyanco rock, pop, denpa, electronic
Undead Corporation O.D.  
Unlucky Morpheus x UNDEAD CORPORTION Parallelism・γ metal
kaede.org 酣歌Ex Alc.0%  
MPT Bastard Pop Terrorists vol.16  
Mob Squad Black Label J-Core Masterz vol.12  
Massive Circlez Future Massive Androidz  
Japanese with Force ASGARD UK hardcore, trancecore, freeform
Kikuo KIKUOWORLD2 electronic
OrangeCoffee The Lounge Map 1 - morning coffee set jazz, lounge, electronica
MINAMOTRANCE Conclusion:Octa  
SKETCH UP! Recordings First Date  
Iron Attack BURN IN HELL  
ORANGE★JAM Asterism electronic, hip-hop, pop
Carrot Wine 東方ゲームショウ 2012 in 東方ビックサイト  
Yanagi Nagi 星灯りの街灯 electronic
領域ZERO 東方空宴歌 -SAI- pop, rock, metal, hard rock, psytrance
直立不動で愚者の認定を受ける 水鏡写戯者、詠再出立 ~飛沫如跳、蒼閃光如駆~ pop, trance, electronica, denpa, piano
UOM Records ShandyBass  
Diverse System ShandyBass  
Diverse System thinkover,calmdown  
Japanese Stream Hardcore Japanese Stream Hardcore vol.2  
鹿乃 すきなの。  
Tribullets Wanderings!!  
Assaultdoor Dominant World ~TOHO SOLO PIANO COMPILATION ALBUM~  
WAVE Gate of Avalon  
流浪の民 輪廻ノ記憶  
電奏楽団 電界紀行  
NOTEBOOK RECORDS Breaking the Rules  
CC*=Style DiSTANCE  
まらしぃ 幻想游戯 <地> piano
HoneyWorks ハニワ曲歌ってみた3 pop, rock
Barrage Am Ring Barrage Am Ring 2 Original/Side metal
Pizuya's Cell Nouvelle Mariee  
Kissing The Mirror FALSE ADMINISTRATOR (2012)  
Floating Cloud Floating Cloud C83 Specia  
EastNewSound Blaze Out the Instrumental hardcore, EDM, house
GILDIA Crophilia  
Schictsal Resonecia  
sound sepher 東方幻奏祀典10 -Kalpa-  
俺++(Includeore) 標 -MILESTONE-  
COOL&CREATE 東方インストライク  
小寺可南子 Falcom jdk BAND Diva Kanako sings Vol.1  
小寺可南子 Falcom jdk BAND Diva Kanako sings Vol.2  
Falcom Sound Team jdk Ys ZANMAI  
はちみつくまさん 東方交戦劇  
Lost Garden Luxurious Cattail trance, electronic
Blankfield At The Termination Of The Phantasm  
Kurogane Lab Lightning Mirage II  
Shaking Pink しぇいきんぐ! SHAKING PINK  
街角麻婆豆 舞踏会のドスコナウォシチ classical, folk
紅い流星 ボカロ爆音ジャズ  
YTR RECORDS Brillantez

La liste de l'ensemble des doujin est disponible ici, elle est toujours en expansion !
C'est sur ce point que je vous laisse, bonne journée, et bonne lecture !